Mushroom Lamp

  • The touch technology, common as it might be, is rarely applied on wooden products. One of the greatest charms of wood is the typical touch. For this lamp, we insert the touch chip into the wood. To make it sensitive enough while guarantee the accuracy, we slice the wood from 5 centimeter to 1.5 millimeter, which is literally a great challenge.

    Wifi version of the Mushroom Lamp both through the power cord switch to control, but also through the "本来设计" APP to control.

    Touch version of the Mushroom Lamp can be controlled by the power line switch, but also through the touch switch to control.

    Product: Mushroom Lamp
    Model: L1619/L1619W/L1619CM
    Lampholder Material: German Beech
    Lampshade Material: German Beech
    Product Height: 38cm
    Lampholder Diameter: 14cm
    Lampshade Diameter: 20cm

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