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  • 2015-09-15

  • Article: Taozhi Picture: Designer Provide

    He obsessed with logs, focused on products design and development. For him, the beautiful wood grain and incredible feel of natural wood makes he feel pleasant. And he also hopes integrate the
    sense of pleasure that the beauty of the wood produced in his designs, then passed to the user. He is the designer Zhang Fei.

    Designer: Fei Zhang

    Q: From a design perspective, your design is the minimalist style, have you affected by the Japanese designer? What’s your idea for the Japanese minimalist design?

    A: I've always liked Nordic minimalist style. Influenced me the most is the ten principles of Dieter Rams. Japanese designer relatively large impact on me is the intuitive design.
    I think Japanese minimalist design also indirectly affected by the Western design, Japanese design also have traditional elements, consistent with oriental aesthetic. Japanese product design focus on
    details, that is what we can learn, but also worthy of our respect.

    Q: Why like choose wood as the material?

    A: Wood is alive before being the material. It has the natural very beautiful wood grain. I like wood for a long time, and now has been continued, and have built a small wooden factory.

    Q: Present your work is more of household items, do you consider design and develope large furniuures?

    A: At present, the design products are mainly household items, I think I will try to large products, but there are many restrictions on the plant's production currently. I've been trying to do some big-ticket products to use in my own studio. I think once time is ripe, I will introduce some large furniture. But small items is also very interesting, I always will continuously design small items.

    The lively fish curve, there’s a kind of interest that we can not hold it, but it is unexpected fit well. Lasted more than three years finetuning, creating a perfect combination of feel and interest
    fish pen appeared.

    Nowadays, our life is full of noisy and impetuous, but the clear, bright, clean sound of music box makes me be quiet suddenly. That’s my own occasional experience several months ago. And also it is the main reason I decided to design the music box. On the DOD Show in Shanghai, I saw many deadpan adults have their month open and revealing a smile when touching the wood
    and listening such a clean bright sound. Firstly, we will launch two types, the round corner and square corner with shaped runway design. Now theres a new design:house music box..

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