• University Teachers Invent Infusion Monitoring System: Patients are Relieved, and Nurses are Relieved then

  • 2013-02-01
  • "number 11, remaining 80 ml, time is 10 minutes ......" These days, Zhanghong go to Shaoxing People's Hospital with uncle, he found there are some "infusion Monitor" hanging in the hallway, the infusion
    patients in wards are at a glance, if only 10 ml brine left, the monitor will beep, the responsibile nurses will immediately change brine, needle injection for patients , they do not need to ring the bell to remind
    the nurse.

    Using the infusion monitoring systems, hospital wards also renamed to "no ring ward." The designer of this infusion monitoring system is teacher Zhang Fei Technology and Design Department of the Art Institute,
    Zhejiang University of Technology.

    But for 2008, that fever, industrial design expertise Zhang Fei, never think to develop such a medical device. At that time, Zhang Fei in the hospital alone, the nurse is not around, he feels uncomfortable physically
    but mental stress, he still nees to staring at the salt water bottles can not relax.

    Almost everyone has had this experience at the hospital, I will always look up every few minutes about the bottle, afraid that the nurses is just walked away, no one help pull their own needles. Is there an instrument that can automatically monitor fluid situation and present the urgent information to the nurse?

    Watching saline drops falling, Zhang Fei cropped up a idea in his mind: invent a infusion monitoring instrument. By using infusion monitoring instrument to remote control remaining time, even the drip rate , it will be
    able to solve a lot of problems to ensure drug safety, patients can feel at ease, and the nurse can avoid oversight.

    Zhang went to the hospital to observe nurses work habits, but also specifically go to visit the Medical Equipment Fair, look at each vendor's trends. According to research, he found that no manufacturers produce this
    instrument, and no hospitals using such a device at domestic and foreign. "I want to be the first person to eat crabs."

    In order to invent this instrument, he visit thousands of hospitals, of course failed many times. Developed more than nine months, and finally out the first version, but through test, there occured more than one hundred
    issues. Zhang did not give up, but continue to study, and record these issues, solve one by one. "My team have seven people, all of them are technical personnel, once found the problem we solved it immediately."

    After the instrument designed, Zhang set up a company to apply for "infusion monitoring system" patent licensing and medical devices. It spend several years to open up sales channels and eventually put into use.
    Today, in addition to Shaoxing City People's Hospital, the system has begun to gradually promote in many hospitals in Hangzhou.

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