• Meet with Designer-Sensibility and Experience in the Design of Lamps and Lanterns

  • 2014-12-01

  • Man is a kind of very complex animal, he (she) has the emotion and feelings. Environment, product and experience will affect people's mood.

    In lighting design, except finding new possibilities from the use of lighting functional, the more is go looking for answers from the lamp use feelings. I remember three years ago, before the design of
    table lamp MAN & WOMAN, I have seen woods with blossoming irregular grains are pulled out of the car, it is too beautiful, and I still unconscious with a camera to shoot the wood. I wonder if it will
    be under the light, it will looks better. Later, I found one of the most simple way, that is erect.

    The wood stool line design is actually in order to show the most beautiful wood grain. Later this light crazy spread on the network, because after the purchase, the comment customers give is just like
    the mood I saw the beautiful wood at the time. Sometimes the designer deliver their experience and feelings to the users through the medium: products.

    Lighting design and product design in many other places are the same, it certainly comes from life. In the past few years I have seen a lot of lighting design are misguided, a lot of lighting is designed
    to pursue a different form, perhaps it related with the entire industry design impetuous.

    The intention of product design is people-oriented, lighting design as well. When the starting point of lighting design deviates from the "people oriented", design began to become less healthier. Two years ago, I need to design a floor lamp, at the beginning I have thought about how to change the appearance, but I always can not find a pragmatic reason to do it.

    There's a floor lamp at my home, placed next to the sofa. But I Did not put a table in front of the sofa, so every time get the cup to drink, take the remote control, etc. I should go to farther table to take,
    its inconvenient, but has been used. It was then that my first thought is how about make a floor lamp with side table or coffee table functions? Later, taking into account the floor lamp can be disassembled
    and try to make it easy to transport, to minimize the volume and other factors, so there is a floor lamp produced .

    With the development of science and technology, lighting will also be more intelligent, more scientific. In the near future, intelligent lighting control system will come our side, but no matter how technology
    development, lighting design has always been inseparable from the feelings and using experience people have.

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