• Zhang fei: The Sense and Sensibility of Industrial Design

  • 2012-05-01

  • Put his own designed and producted wooden lamp picture on the micro-Bo, Zhang did not think this will give his designer career brought so many surprises.

    The first wave of reaction is from friends and students around. They all know Fei Zhang, a University teacher of technology industrial design major, is developing a set of electronic equipment for the medical industry. The equipment
    mechanics use principles of mechanics, as well as the NC principle of program control, and so make the original manual inspection infusion state to be converted into computer monitoring equipment. Nurses can monitor screen, get
    the patient's transfusion information. Currently the equipment has got a number of national patents, and was promoted in several provincial, municipal hospitals. One day, the designer, walking down the original industrial design start
    to make wood products: home use lighting, even using the most popular origami style, creating all kinds of curve and beautiful table lamps. It really surprised Zhang’s friends. There are many of his friends specially went to his studio to
    see what had happened. The result of the visit, the first batch produced lighting products now are shelter well in their home.

    Another wave of surprise is from the network. Zhang has wrote " if you have selected logs lamps, I believe you must have a love of nature and love people who close to nature." Indeed, the original ecological design aesthetic draws
    people from Beijing, Jiangxi, Shanghai and other regions. And even Zhang Fei himself did not expect so many people come to ask about the lamp because of the microblog. Even friends from Anji asked him, "When can come to Anji, can
    you please help do some designs?" Through micro-Bo, he also met a lot professional designers specialize in wood products and design.

    Zhang share this experience to his students. He said: "can not say that how good industrial design is. Most of graduate students switch to other businesses. In fact, Just find a suitable point, the industry has an unlimited future. Most
    important, in Zhejiang, as long as the designer has a good idea, find a processing factories will be very easy. " The lights changed the design road of Zhang Fei. Many new friends have to ask him, "What time of the next work?" He
    recently publish his own project plan on website: with the future three years, focusing on developing wood, bamboo, ceramic three kinds material products, and so to create a bamboo, wood product kingdom. Zhang himself has also
    been to do industrial goods for customers, but never like this, people have the strong demands and passion for design.
    “Product function is out of rational needs, but to meet the emotional needs of people, that is the designer needs to be done. That feeling, especially stick! " Zhang said.

    (Text / Lijun Liu Photography / Mu Hu)

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