• Let Design to Address the Needs of Market

  • 2012-11-05

  • Product design is not just the pursuit of the best looking or the most comfortable, but to pursue special. It should proceed from the use of demand --- Zhang Fei

    "Shenzhen Furniture": What’s your understanding of original design?

    Fei Zhang: Design is to resolve the relationship between products and people, the relationship has changed, or have some place wrong, it is the designer to do.
    I always think that the pursuit of product design is not the best looking or the most comfortable, but to pursue special. It should proceed from the use of needs, and everyone's needs are not the same, just grab a small portion of the people, that will be fine.
    As for original design, designers must have their own independent thinking components inside, this is actually quite valuable. I think the design is not necessarily the best, but it must be unique. Thinking independently in the design process is very important for designers. This is a imagine process, just as an editor in the presentation of stories.
    Product design is actually a attempt process. I am actually opposed to spend long time on computer renderings simulate, prefer to use authentic materials. And some tme you can find many production problems. You can also have the experience feelings ahead of the users. In the design of the product, I always more concerned about the product feelings and experience during use.

    "Shenzhen Furniture": With the emphasis and focus on the original design, we are promoting industrial linkage, what’s the main issue for companies and designers docking?

    Fei Zhang: Corporate positioning has been finalized. Designers want to differentiate or highlight it. Frankly, that is impact.
    Enterprises are seeing short-acting product sales, we are seeing the next one to two years, or more long-term future, and the future trend of furniture products.
    More designers also consider product design and development, future sales, and after-sales service.

    "Shenzhen Furniture": How to evaluate the work of designer nowadays?

    Fei Zhang: Most of today's designers is lack of exploration and sensitivity of market, entrepreneurial mind and thinking. If we are able to learn half of those entrepreneurs, we will develop better.

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