• [belaDESIGN] Let the Design Return to the Root

  • 2013-02-03

    Z= Desiger Fei Zhang

    N:When start do the design? What changes have had on the design style?

    Z:2001, graduated from university, I started into product design. At that time, I had just started to do business design, there’s no any experience, it’s accumulated since then. My design style is almost no change, because i have been like a simple design.

    N: Why choose wood as a design theme?

    Z:Wood is alive before act as a material, and in every piece of wood we can feel the traces of years. Well logs have superb touch feeling and beautiful wood. When I learned about FSC, I know this is a way to cycle, I am more firm to design products using FSC wood.

    N:The lamps, candlesticks, or wood toys you designed are all have a great practicality, if you are focusing on the practical value of the work?

    Z:I studied industrial design, I always think the product's functionality is a very important factor in the product design.

    N:What specific plans?

    Z:The next step is to redesign a variety of wood products, then I will try bonding bamboo and ceramic to design products. We plan to gradually establish our own small factory, improving equipment, and so can control every aspect of production.

    N:Now how is the team composition is for belaDESIGN? How do you collaborate?

    Z:Currently, our team is small. I act as a product designer and captain, other team members are responsible for the technical aspects, but now has a new division of labor, partly responsible for the supervision of production processes, there are some responsible for the network marketing and sales.

    N:How about say something to the young people learing design?

    Z:Although I am also very young, I still want to said: We do design from the heart, "believe that the design full of great value, design give us the future. " If it were easy, our road of design does not become exciting.

    N:You are also a university lecturer, how about the time you give lessons to students? Probably what kind of course?

    Z:Now in school probably about two courses per semester, almost all industrial design courses I have touched. In recent years I is about the design ideas, attitudes and methods, rarely on the purely technical aspects of the curriculum. I see a lot of students have been graduating, but the design point
    of view is not correct, I am very distressed. I hope that students phantom first in the concept is correct, will it be possible to go further.

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