• The Energy of the Exhibition Continues

  • 2013-03-01

  • Exhibition days, I heard a lot of praise from foreigners. This will undoubtedly give me a lot of confidence continued to move forward. In this exhibition, we see a lot of excellent designs; while recognizing several foreign young
    designers, this is the biggest gains of this trip.

    With the same exhibition, a Japanese designer named Yota Kakuda (www.yatakakuda.com) is one of my favorite designers, his works fine, low-key, vivid, I feel it like the designer's character. He said he was in Hangzhou when
    design cookware for MUJI. Recently, I also share some designs with him by mail. toer (www.studiotoer.com), the design team from Netherlands is also my favorite. The design spring led lamp is really impressed me. Recently I was
    in contact with them, and to do some small cooperation.

    Exhibition actually gave young designers a lot of opportunities. Many product design shops, businesses, museums, shops have gave us a business card indicates the intention of cooperation. Where there is a German company like
    my gift design: Wood Egg, the next day sent the contract to me, it would be my first export orders.
    The effect of this exhibition is continues. Yesterday, I met the founder of Designldea company from American (his company has a branch in Hangzhou Loft49) He invited me to their company, said his design director in United States
    like my two works, want to buy two pieces. And hope I can be their contract co-designer. All those are brought by the exhibition.

    At the exhibition, I feel respect for design once again . From a simple habit or behavior can also reflect a little. In many domestic exhibition, we will often come up with a camera shot, but on this show this habitual action is outrageous
    behavior. I think this is also a manifestation of respect for the design.

    During the exhibition, I saw a lot of excellent designs and products, but also feel I was still very immature in design. Of course, we still have a lot of time to learn and practice, as a young designer, I'll try harder to learn and practice the
    next time.

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