• belaDESIGN was Invited to participate in 2015 Hangzhou Fair

  • 2015-09-01
  • Adhere to the "refined, professional, special" exhibition features, the four and a half days, Ninth (2015) China Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Industry Expo was concluded in White Horse Lake International
    Exhibition Centre yesterday. After the exhibition, the survey shows that many people voted, "an eye-opener, hope Fair can do more days."

    Why ICIF can attract so many people? Where opportunities develop cultural and creative industries in? Why Hanhzhou develop it? Fair is not only good-looking, fun, behind, it also revealed the
    direction of industrial development in Hangzhou.

    Professional, then can be international

    After eight years development, Hangzhou Fair has become one of the four cultural and creative industries integrated exhibition activities. Among international and domestic, the influence and
    reputation increased every year.

    This year, the proportion of international and foreign exhibitors reached 25 percent, there are companies and organizations from the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Russia,
    Spain, France, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark and other 20 countries participating. It’s the largest fair among the Past

    Among them, the international zone take "urban culture" as the cut in particular, set the Singapore Pavilion, St. Petersburg exhibition, exhibition in Barcelona, Paris exhibition and so on.

    In Russia "Petersburg Night" exhibition, 30 pieces of paintings hanging in the Countess makeshift "Blue Castle"; the girls dressed in traditional Russian costumes, carrying Russian cuisine, warmly
    invite you to taste.

    In Barcelona Pavilion, it shows the most representative of Spain Gaudi architecture, at the same time, we prepare the Spanish Iberian ham and red wine, as well, Spanish guy teach you sculpture on site.

    The professional exhibition enhance the visibility of international exhibitior, and the international exhibiton promote the ICFC to be specialized, they have the mutually reinforcing, and achieved good results.

    Unique, then have the market

    This year the theme of the Fair is "melting - design, make life better." In other words, melting design into life. At the show, there are lots of examples,, such as "Poetic Home - Hangzhou (China) Version exhibition room."

    Since its opening on October 14, an endless stream of viewers every day, even on work days, the number of visitors has not declined. During the exhibition, a total of more than 60 pieces of works were collected by the buyer.

    Different from the artwork that frequently shoot sky-high price, prints, this art form has been flying into the homes of ordinary people. In the study room, bedroom, living room, hung a small print, it fulls of western style and good taste.

    During the exhibition, the 75-year-old professor Zhu Weiming from Printmaking Department , China Academy of Fine Arts came to the scene. In his view, is actually an art exhibition can attract so many ordinary people came to watch,
    and buyer’s enthusiasm is so high, I can not imagine the phenomenon in the past.

    Now let's talk about the tourism souvenirs designed by cultural and creative team of City Express

    The souvenirs are selling particularly well. Pagoda shaped "save the White Snake"" lollipop, Yue Fei "sake oh his country" tattoo stickers, forced pinch scream Qin Hui doll, artist painted West Lake fridge magnet ...... these simple, special, good-looking, fun, full of Hangzhou
    characteristic whimsy, becoming one of the best-selling products.

    So whether it is a small stall, or a big event, or even a fair, as long as there is creativity, there will be a market.

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