• Zhang Fei, a teacher at the College of Arts and Technology, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, used ingenuity to make ordinary woody decay

  • 2019-03-23
  • This is a small wooden Bluetooth speaker, and it is also an almost integrated wooden raft. With the exception of a small touch button and a USB charging port, there is no external "interference". As a speaker, it is no longer a problem. Teacher Zhang Fei of the School of Science and Art of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, with this minimalist wooden raft, recently received an award from the 2019 German Red Dot Award. In July this year, he will also go to Essen, Germany to attend the awards ceremony.
    The Red Dot Award is also known as the World's Three Design Awards together with the German “IF Award” and the US “IDEA Award”. The Red Dot Award has always been regarded as a barometer of the future design direction, and is known as the “Oscar” in the design world.

    As sophisticated as a plane

    Complete the whole piece of wood

    To be a nice wood Bluetooth speaker, Zhang Fei thought for 4 years. Prior to this, he designed wood, stationery, music boxes and an attractive seamless egg. The accumulation of these internal and external design makes Zhang Fei not only realize the innateness and affinity of the logs, but also play the precision of the logs.
    Made with a whole piece of wood, try to keep the whole piece of the work together. It is a unique place for this wooden Bluetooth speaker. It is also Zhang Fei’s obsession with the design of the log. "Our work comes out, even the wood grain has natural continuity. "Traditional wooden speakers use splicing and discard the splicing. What should I do?" Zhang Fei said that the method of hollowing out the wood, that is, using a precision-controlled CNC method to wash out the inner cavity. In doing so, it is inevitable that time will be slower, but the effect is very good. This practice has been well trained in the design of music boxes and seamless eggs.
    The name of the seamless egg is Nest Egg, which won the German iF Product Design Award in 2014. Zhang Fei said that it is actually a magnet. When the paper clip is sucked, the paper clip is like an egg nest, so it gets its name. But what's interesting is that you can't find out how the magnet fits in, because it looks like a seamless egg outside. So when a lot of woodworkers came, they felt too precise and they were able to build a plane. Zhang Fei likes this sentence very much. "Yes, we just want to do this with the same attitude as a plane." Later, the music box used this method more fully and skillfully, and won the iF product design award.
    At the same time, the low-key touch button of the speaker is also worth mentioning. Zhang Fei said that the touch switch itself is not a very advanced technology, but it is difficult to use on wood. On the original table lamp, he tried it and used a touch button to turn the power switch and the light and dark adjustment together. "Requires a very clever implant chip." Zhang Fei told reporters that opening and closing, just need to light a little on its wood. As for dimming, hold on and slowly weaken; then squat up and slowly become stronger. This also applies to the adjustment of the speaker's switch and volume.

    Original design that looks good on the skin

    More interesting soul

    However, as a speaker, it is the last word. This point, the design of the previous music box makes Zhang Fei have the basic confidence that the solid wood material is easier to make a sound than the plastic material commonly used in the market. But to go one step further and even to tie the big names on the market, it is not enough to rely on this inherent advantage.
    As early as 2014, Zhang Fei tried, but he was not satisfied with the sound. Later, he stumbled and walked through many detours. Until the first version of the Bluetooth speaker was released in 2016, he still felt that it was not perfect enough to endure the pain. All boards are no longer available for sale. The opportunity appeared in March last year. At that time, Zhang Fei modified a set of sound system for his car. Since then, driving has become a very happy thing, and his ears have become extremely picky, and then listen to the speakers. This also made him ignite the enthusiasm of making a good speaker.
    Zhang Fei invited an acoustic engineer to try to make a box structure of various logs, and also tested a large number of sound comparisons. At the same time, he also collected various models of various types of big-name Bluetooth speakers, and also carried out a variety of sound structure and sound contrast, and kept learning some of the experience of seniors. This nine-month experience, in the words of Zhang Fei, completely buried the time in the underground of the design, but also let him enjoy the continuous happiness brought by the design.
    To make an original design, you must have a good-looking skin and a funny soul. Zhang Fei said frankly that there has been a misunderstanding of the outside world, thinking that product design is to do design, and this is exactly what he once thought. Before doing original design, Zhang Fei has been designing for 8 years. Once, a manufacturer brought a Yuba and asked them to design more than a dozen appearances, provided that the arrangement and spacing of the four lights could not be moved. This made him feel a lot of tiredness and made him decide to stop and rest.
    It was during the rest of the day, even with the design of the belt, he made two simple wooden table lamps "man" and "woman", holding a lampshade with a smooth polished solid wood stick, "woman" The lamp has a "waist" design and the lampshade can be adjusted freely. These two lamps were later used by him to send friends as New Year gifts, and the results were very popular. Then, because of a trip to the hospital alone, he pulled a technical engineer and designed an infusion monitoring system. He has always advocated the simplicity and practicality of design. "Since doing original design, you will find that many things in life are unreasonable and even unnecessary." These experiences have made him feel the freedom and charm of the original design. It also gained recognition and respect from more industries and markets.

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