• belaDESIGN was invited ipate in the Gotrend Award trophy design

  • 2020-09-10

  • Shenzhen International Furniture Fair is an old friend to us. At the end of last year, we were fortunate enough to receive an invitation from the organizer, hoping that we can participate in the design of the 2020 trophy. They said that they wanted to improve it a long time ago. A small trophy can not only reflect the concept and background of the event, but it is also of great significance to the participants.
    This time the trophy was designed and built by us and our designer Ran Xiangfei, using our respective materials and processes.

    Ran Xiangfei's exquisite porcelain is warm and translucent. Through the light source, the pattern elements of the award have played a very good artistic effect. In the part of the trophy logo, we chose black walnut wood. The black walnut wood color is elegant and calm, and the wood grain is exquisite and unique. It is matched with the icy and clear exquisite porcelain, which is even more calm and atmospheric.

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